Chapter Announcements

  • Summer 2017 Induction Ceremony

    ● August 3, 2017, Thursday – SUMMER INDUCTION CEREMONY of new members into Sigma Theta Tau, International is 7p.m. in the Performing Arts Center located at TAMUCC. The keynote address, entitled “ Leadership and Scholarship: A Lifelong Pursuit,” will feature Dr. Susan Dyess, a professor and the new Associate Dean for Graduate Nursing Programs. A reception will follow the ceremony in the lobby. Inductees attending the ceremony will receive honor cords and a membership packet. The group photo of the new Inductees will be taken at 6:15 p.m. For more information, contact Eta Omicron Chapter President Yvonne Serna at or by phone at 361-825-3790.

  • 2017 Adele Bemis Leadership Lecture Series

    CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CONHS) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi joined forces with the Eta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, the Honor Society of Nursing, to present keynote speaker Dr. Jane Mahoney as part of the Adele Bemis Leadership Lecture Series. The event took place March 28 in the University Center, Anchor Ballroom.

    Mahoney is Director of Nursing Practice and Research at the Menninger Clinic, and she also serves as Associate Professor at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. She led an interactive, comical, and dynamic session that moved fluidly from a speech to casual conversation and back again, challenging the audience to focus on positive experiences and reframe challenges so they appear as opportunities.  She addressed a solution-focused approach to wellness called “Positive Deviance,” defined as going against a tendency to focus on the impasses in each situation. 

    “If it is worth doing, it’s worth overdoing,” said Mahoney. “You have to enthusiastically capitalize on strengths, draw out your natural talents, and work around weaknesses. And by extension, this includes finding a balance between power, purpose and leadership.”

    Mahoney noted the multidimensional roles nurses fulfill, calling on nursing professionals to avoid problem-focused thinking and embrace strength-based management of both personnel and daily issues while being open to other points of view.

     “This means moving from workplace stress to joyful productivity,” said Mahoney. “Ask yourself, ‘what is the best thing that has happened to me today or this week?’ How can we translate that positive energy to dealing with what is not ideal?” 

    The evening’s affair was in honor of Adele Bemis, a charter member (1984) of the Eta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. Bemis is also a Clinical Assistant Faculty member of the CONHS. 

    “Adele was ahead of her time right from the beginning,” said Dr. Bunny Forgione, Associate Dean of the CONHS. “She opened the first neonatal intensive care unit in Texas, and she pioneered the use of evidence-based practices and competency-based education programs for nurses, which are now standard nationwide.”

    Mahoney closed her presentation in tribute of Bemis, telling the story of two wolves battling within the individual; one being evil, and the other working for good.

    “Which one wins?” she asked an enthralled audience. “The one you feed.” 

    The attending nursing professionals not only gleaned valuable insight, they also received one contact hour of continuing education credit.

  • Spring 2017 Student Induction & Community Leader Induction

    72 Islander Nursing Students and Two Community Nurse Leaders to be Inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society 

    CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – A total of 74 new members will be inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing on Thursday, May 11, at 7 p.m. in the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Performing Arts Center. Each inductee will receive a lavender and white honorary cord, along with an inductee ribbon from Eta Omicron Chapter officers. The event is free and open to the public and a reception in the lobby will follow the ceremony. 

    Thirty-nine inductees will receive a Bachelor of Science and 33 will receive a Master of Science in Nursing from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Two inductees are community nurse leaders: Gina Marie Perez, MSN, RN, CEN is an administrative Nursing House Supervisor at Driscoll Children’s Hospital and Pamela Ortiz, MSN, RN is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at A&M-Corpus Christi. 

    The keynote address will feature Dr. Pamela Greene, PhD, MS, RN. Greene is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. The title of her presentation is Connecting the “Bench” to Bedside. 

    “Health care today demands up-to-date practice based on up-to-date knowledge generated through research,” said Greene. “Who should do the research and how do we bridge the gap between research and practice?” Her presentation will address these issues. 

    Membership in the nursing honor society consists of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as nurse leaders from the community. New inductees meet the requirements of academic success, academic integrity, professionalism and leadership potential. 

    The mission of the only honorary society of Nursing is to advance world health and celebrate nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service. Eta Omicron is the local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International. It was chartered in 1984 by many faculty members of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

  • Congratulations to our Fall Inductees!

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Charles Barrett Belknap, Kaitlyn Breedlove, Miranda Dirth, Marion Flores, Lorisa Liliana Gallardo, Lauren Garcia, Calvin Edwin Hennegar, DeAnna Brooke Henson, Brenda Izaguirre, Emilia Nkwo, Obiageli Jancita Omeke, Shelby Parks, Kimberlee E. Reed, Jasmine Robledo, Anna Luisa Robles-Sanchez, Justin Nicholas Ruiz, Erica Thompson, Corey Ryan Wakefield, Samantha Warmath, and Wanda Zavala Ziehr.

    Nurse Leader: Sarah Frances Bassett, MSN, RN.

  • Spring 2016- Induction Ceremony

    We are so excited to share with you our newest inductees to our Eta Omicron Chapter.

  • Chapter Induction Ceremony Pictures

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